Vertiblinds Manufacturing

How to measure


Although we would recommend that you rely on one of our professional consultants to measure your windows, and one of our experienced fitting crews to install your blinds, these are not difficult processes and can be carefully undertaken by DIY enthusiasts or anyone handy with a tape measure and drill.  As your blinds will be custom made to fit a specific area, even the slightest error in measurement could result in your blind not fitting or hanging correctly.

Whilst measuring can sometimes prove to be quite a challenging task, here are a few hints and tips to simplify the process and ensure your measurements are accurate.

  • To avoid confusion always take your measurements and when providing us with your measurements do so in millimeters.
  • We work to the nearest 5 millimeters when manufacturing.
  • The first thing to do is decide what type of blind you would like to use and how you plan on fitting it. There are 2 options for fitment:

Top fix

This is when a blind is mounted from above, either inside a window recess, inside a pelmet or from the roof (if concrete). For top fixed blinds you would generally allow a small deduction of 10 mm on the width and 5 – 10 mm on the drop, this allows for clearance so that your blind will not scrape against the sides of the recess.

Face Fix

This is when a blind is mounted onto the face of the wall, in most cases the blind will need to overlap the window so as to avoid gaps. Allow 100 – 150mm on each side (width) and 100 – 150mm on the top and bottom (drop) for vertical blinds and for all other blinds 50 – 100mm on each side (width), 100mm on the top and 50 -100 on the bottom (drop). Most concrete lintels are approximately 70mm thick, we like to allow an overlap of 100mm on the top to ensure that you will not crack the lintel by drilling into it. We recommend that you measure both the width and drop in 3 places to determine if your window plastering is scew or not.

Measure the width at the top, middle and bottom, be sure to note all 3 should they vary. Measure the drop on the left, centre and right, again be sure to note all 3 should they vary. If the measurements vary drastically, it is advised to consider face fixing your blind, this will ensure that you blind both hangs and operates correctly and it will aid in disguising a very skew recess.

Please ensure you take your measurements very carefully and double or even triple check them as Vertiblind takes no responsibility for any problems resulting from measurement errors, should the measurements not have been taken by one our experienced consultants.

Should you wish for us to install your blinds, one of our consultants will visit the site to confirm the measurements and fitment to eliminate any problems that may have been overseen.