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What We Do


Blinds/ Vertical Blinds/ Outdoor Blinds

Aluminium 25 mm & 50 mm Blinds

Aluminium blinds are ideal for workspaces, kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms. They provide exceptional quality and light control. Aluminium blinds are known to last generations through harsh sunlight and high moisture areas. Aluminium venetian blinds are easy to maintain and clean. These blinds are cost effective and look modern when paired with appealing furniture designs.

Eco-wood 50 mm Blinds

Eco-wood are a practical and affordable alternative to wooden venetian blinds as they also have a real wood appearance. They are manufactured using advanced polystyrene polymers. Eco-wood is resistant to cracking, pealing, and discolouration and warping. A wide range of colours are available with colour coordinated braids and cords, bottom rail and valance.

Vertical Blinds

The system is highly practical and easily fitted with sufficient light control and privacy. Vertical blinds are self-lubricating and require minimal maintenance. Application of silicone spray is highly recommended to be used in order to ensure sufficient long-term operation. Fabric Louvres can be lightly sponged with a very mild detergent solution to clean.

Bamboo 50 mm Blinds

Bamboo is available in beautiful neutral tones that can be integrated with any interior design space. They are more suitable for non-moisture areas. Bamboo blinds are known for their durability, being light weight and easy to clean. They also balance temperature levels by keeping the warmth within a room. Bamboo blinds are eco-friendly as they are made up of natural resources. As green therapy within the industry begins to grow, and as a macro trend, the bamboo blind as well as other bamboo products becomes increasingly popular.

Basswood 50 mm Blinds

Basswood is an established 100% natural wooden blind with essential wooden textures, a luxury option within the Venetian blind ranges. They are ideal for a bedroom or workspace area as they retain heat inside a room. The basswood range is well known for their attractive finish. Basswood blinds are eco-friendly and perfect for those who are environmentally conscious and support going green.

Outdoor Blinds

The solution for exterior windows, porches and patios would be the outdoor roller blind. It sufficiently minimizes light, glare, heat and wind. The outdoor roller blind is available in Solar Weave and Sunworker fabric which are water, stain, mould, tear and UV resistant. The blind allows for external areas to be ventilated.

Antique Wood Blinds

The antique range offers a luxurious and vintage look and feel. The slats are scratch resistant and water resistant. They also have been UV tested and treated o suit solar radiation conditions. The foiled patterns and colours are designed to have a wood look-a-like affect. Textures and designs create a natural feel to an interior space. Antique provides the best quality for any climate condition. This is one of the most innovative blind designs manufactured in South Africa.


Triple Sheer Rollers

These roller blinds are versatile as it helps control light to a great extent. Triple sheer roller is a mixture of the venetian blind and the zebra blind because it has various light control and privacy options. This blind is constructed with two layers of sheer fabric and one solid layer in the middle. Triple sheer rollers are durable and easy to clean.

Ombre Zebra Rollers

A modern blind solution, highly differentiated from other light control systems. Two separate layers of fabric, each decorated with horizontal stripes, one translucent and one opaque – creating the ombre faded effect. 

Solar Supreme Rollers

The fabric on the Solar Supreme blinds are clean-lined linear stitching which gives a soft, natural and elegant appearance. The blind provides privacy from the outside and regulates internal temperatures in any geographical landscape, city or countryside.

Solar Weave Rollers

Contemporary blind with natural tones and subtle textures are made from organic yarns, which commonly compliment any design. Darker fabrics are more translucent, making the outside view more clear. These blinds are excellent for blocking out a glare, therefore making them most typically used in a TV room or Study. Solar Weave blinds will also protect other furniture from sun damage. Solar heat is gained and energy is conserved.

Blockout Rollers

The most convenient option for blocking out light and ensures privacy. The blockout blind is energy saving. A fusing process is applied to connect the blind fabric to the lining, allowing the fabric to appear untouched with no creases. The back layer which is sewn into the blind ensures light is blocked out. This blind is great for those who like to sleep in a dark room.

Zebra Rollers

The zebra blind offers various lighting options and generates a modern look and feel. The blind is striped with two different fabrics, translucent and opaque. When the translucent fabric is aligned, light is exposed within the room. However, when the blind is misaligned (the two opposing fabrics are in line with each other), it gives the room total privacy and blocked out light.


Shutters are made from High Tech Polymers with an Aluminium Core for added strength. Its main features are the sleek and patented Flush-Lock and Louvre Lock system, which lies close in proximity to the main body of the shutter. This unique feature is not only a design element to the Ambient Aluminium Security Shutter range, but is also its defining characteristic. Ambient Aluminium Security Shutters are identified for their elegance and practicality. They are manufactured locally, here in South Africa. Our range of traditionally styled Aluminium Shutters is the answer for all your modern needs. They provide a single attractive solution for security, privacy, sun protection, and ventilation. ​

Trellis Doors

Trellis Doors – DIY Range


  • Dully framed DIY Trellis doors
  • 100% Aluminium construction
  • Rust resistant. Convenient for coastal regions.
  • Comes with all fasteners
  • Includes easy to follow installation DVD & fitting instructions

SecureGlide – Plus

  • Fully framed DIY trellis door with slamlock
  • 100% Aluminium construction
  • Rust resistant. Convenient for coastal regions.
  • Comes with all fasteners
  • Includes easy to follow installation DVD & fitting instructions

Plus – Easy opening. Spring loaded 3-point slamlock

Plus – Improved Strength. 4 Rows of diamond lattice with 20 x 5 flat bars

Plus – Easy operation. Double wheels on leading lock profile.