Window treatments such as window blinds can transform the look of your home. When deciding between wood blinds and faux wood blinds, you need to consider what room you’re decorating and how large the windows are.

The difference between the two is simply the material they consist of. Wood blinds are made out of real wood and include legitimate wooden textures and natural bark colours. Wood blinds are ideal for large windows because they are 40% lighter in weight than faux wood blinds. Since wood can warp or crack, they are not recommended in high humidity areas like bathrooms or kitchens. Our Bamboo Blinds and Basswood Blinds offer a wide variety to choose from to compliment your ideal room and design style.

We offer three types of Faux Wood Blinds: Antique Wood Blinds, Eco-Wood Blinds, and Eco-Supreme Blinds, which are all great alternatives in instances where the environment is not suitable for wood blinds. 

Faux Wood is made out of plastic compositions. The slats are scratch-resistant, water-resistant, and are UV tested. In comparison to wood blinds, faux wood blinds will not warp or scratch. The material is heavier than wood blinds, therefore it is advisable to install multiple blinds on a large headrail on wide windows. We can split blinds larger than 1800mm (width), and no larger than 2700mm wide.

Eco-Wood Blinds also have a real wood-like appearance and are manufactured using advanced polystyrene polymers without a foil. Our Antique Wood Blinds are one of the most innovative blind designs in South Africa. The foiled textures and colours present an authentic wood grain appearance. Eco-Supreme Blinds are our latest collection which is 12% lighter than Eco-Wood and Antique Wood.

Both wood blinds and faux wood blinds are available with a decorative valance and 20mm ladder tape as an optional extra.

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